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Classes start Tuesday October 3rd from 4:45-5:30pm

-- Classes continue every Tuesday at 4:45pm-5:30pm --


**We are starting a waitlist for a potential Tuesday morning class from 10:15-11am class**

Email if interested in being added to the waitlist!


If you or anyone you know are interested click the link below or have them reach out to us via email or phone call!

A special class designed especially for the grown up and their toddler. Songs & exercises based on dance and gymnastics fundamentals – specifically designed for this age group, incorporating coordination skills and rhythm exercises. An incredible way to socialize you toddler as well as burn off some extra energy. Share moments and create memories with our My Grown-Up and Me class!

This program is charged separately than our standard class accounts. For example, if you have an older dancer(s) at SBDA, the charges of this program will apply to a separate account and thus will not qualify for the family pricing rates. If you have multiple dancers entering the program, each dancer will have their own account. There is one flat rate fee of $50 monthly per dancer. The participating grown-up is not charged.  

Each dancer should have their own adult attached to their account, this adult being the one typically being the one attending class with them. This does not have to be the adult responsible paying for the account. 


Monthly Member Rate: $50 per month/per dancer (the grown-up is not charged)

*There is a one-time $10 Registration Fee (per dancer) for Monthly Members*

*Monthly fees are to be paid with Cash or Check only at the studio*


Drop - In Rate : $20 per class per dancer (the grown-up is not charged)

**DROP-IN families will pay and sign-up the day of class.**

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